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20 Fenchurch St

20 Fenchurch St, London

Featuring a three-story public sky garden located at the top of the building, 20 Fenchurch Street is located in the financial district of the City of London.

ADNOC Headquarters

ADNOC Headquarters, Abu Dhabi

ADNOC Headquarters, situated next to the Arabian Gulf, was designed to allow occupants flexibility in physical space as well as optimal views of the coastline.

Al Hilal Bank Tower

Al Hilal Bank Tower, Abu Dhabi

The Al Hilal Bank Tower, located on Abu Dhabi’s Al Maryah Island, is a flagship commercial development for the Al Hilal banking network.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Undoubtedly one of the wonders of the modern world, Burj Khalifa is graceful and elegant as it reaches upward with seeming ease.

Citic Tower

Citic Tower, Beijing

Located in Beijing's Central Business District, the project team aim to use the latest in sustainable technology, materials and engineering concepts.

Eton Place Dalian

Eton Place Dalian, Dalian

Eton Place Dalian is located on a six-hectare site in the central city and features a mix of uses including office, hotel, retail, entertainment, convention, SOHO, and residential.

Federation Towers - Vostok Tower

Federation Towers - Vostok Tower, Moscow

When completed in late 2016, the Federation Towers - Vostok Tower claimed the title of Europe's Tallest Building and was the third tallest building to open for occupancy that year.

Goldin Financial Global Centre

Goldin Financial Global Centre, Hong Kong

Situated in Hong Kong's Kowloon Bay, Goldin Financial Global Centre stands as the most energy efficient development in the CBD.

Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre

Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre, Guangzhou

Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre is a mixed-use tower located adjacent to a large central park and a subterranean retail concourse with transportation interchanges.

Guangzhou IFC

Guangzhou IFC, Guangzhou

Guangzhou IFC is a landmark tower which defines the emerging international strength of China’s third city and serves as a landmark for Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town’s main axis.

International Commerce Centre

International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong

Soaring 484 meters (1,588 feet) above Victoria Harbor, the International Commerce Centre (ICC) is the essence of Hong Kong in one destination.

Marina 101

Marina 101, Dubai

With architectural elements reminiscent of art-deco design, Marina 101 stands out in a city full of supertall structures.

Pearl River Tower

Pearl River Tower, Guangzhou

The building’s siting and its evocative curving shape are performance driven, and represent an example of a 21st century tower that responds responsibly to local climactic conditions.

Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai

The Shanghai World Financial Center has become an icon of Shanghai and China, with its clear and elegant form and revolutionary structural design.

Taipei 101

Taipei 101, Taipei

The world's tallest building from 2004 to 2010 has since reinvented itself with a renovation that achieved LEED Platinum making it one of the world's greenest skyscrapers.

The Index

The Index, Dubai

The Index is a model for developing sustainable built environments in the Middle East region, as well as other similar climatic environments elsewhere in the world.

The Shard

The Shard, London

The developers of The Shard showed remarkable tenacity in bringing it to fruition.

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre, Tianjin

Located in the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area, Tianjin CTF Finance Centre features a mix of uses including office space, luxury serviced apartments, and a hotel.

Torre Caja Madrid

Torre Caja Madrid, Madrid

Designed by Lord Norman Foster, Torre Caja Madrid is the tallest building in the Cuatro Torres Business Area complex.

Zifeng Tower

Zifeng Tower, Nanjing

The triangulated, serrated façade treatment is interesting, adding depth and texture to the imposing form while allowing natural ventilation throughout.

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About CoxGomyl

The CoxGomyl Group is a global engineering business with a passion for defending the beauty and value of architectural wonders by providing external building access solutions. Typically this equipment is used to provide a permanent means of being able to access the outside facade of tall buildings for maintenance purposes, which includes cleaning and replacing panels and windows. CoxGomyl have grown to become the global leaders in building maintenance units, commonly referred to as BMU’s.

With advances in construction materials, engineering practices and architectural designs, today’s buildings are challenging convention on a daily basis.

Rising to the challenge, CoxGomyl are present around the world to provide engineered solutions to architects, consultants, developers, constructors and clients.

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CoxGomyl Connected Global News

Newest Tower in Nanjing International Youth Cultural Complex Opens

Newest Tower in Nanjing International Youth Cultural Complex Opens

25 Sep 2018, Nanjing – The Jumeriah Nanjing, a 67-story hotel and residence tower with 212 rooms and 49 units…

Office Portion Opens in Philadelphia’s Tallest Building

Office Portion Opens in Philadelphia’s Tallest Building

27 Aug 2018, Philadelphia – A 60-story mixed-use tower, the tallest in Philadelphia, has officially opened its…

235-Meter High-Rise in Buenos Aires Slated to Become Argentina’s Tallest

235-Meter High-Rise in Buenos Aires Slated to Become Argentina’s Tallest

6 Jul 2018, Buenos Aires – A 54-floor tower in Buenos Aires will become the tallest building in Argentina when…

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CoxGomyl Connected Global News

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Newest Tower in Nanjing International Youth Cultural Complex Opens
25 Sep 2018 – Nanjing, China
The Jumeriah Nanjing, a 67-story hotel and residence tower with 212 rooms and 49 units, is now available for business and room bookings. The development is part of a…
News Image
Office Portion Opens in Philadelphia’s Tallest Building
27 Aug 2018 – Philadelphia, United States
A 60-story mixed-use tower, the tallest in Philadelphia, has officially opened its doors to employees. The 341-meter high-rise, which has not yet opened to the public,…
News Image
235-Meter High-Rise in Buenos Aires Slated to Become Argentina’s Tallest
6 Jul 2018 – Buenos Aires, Argentina
A 54-floor tower in Buenos Aires will become the tallest building in Argentina when complete. The building is scheduled to open to residents by the end of 2018, with…
News Image
The 82-story 53W53 Tower Structurally Tops Out
15 Jun 2018 – New York City, United States
New York City’s 82-story 53W53 condo development has structurally topped out, while façade installation for the 320-meter high-rise has reached the 73rd floor. Once…
News Image
Dubai’s Gate Avenue Aims to Lease 90% of Units Before Completion
14 Dec 2017 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai International Financial Centre, the emirate's financial free zone, aims to lease 90 percent of units at its Dh1billion (US$272 million) Gate Avenue retail…
News Image
Tianjin CTF Finance Centre Tops Out
12 Dec 2017 – Tianjin, China
Tianjin CTF Finance Centre has topped out in Tianjin, China, and is on pace to be completed in 2018. A striking new landmark, the 530-meter-tall, 96-story skyscraper will…
News Image
Comcast Technology Center Tops Out in Philadelphia
27 Nov 2017 – Philadelphia, United States
After nearly four years of construction, the 341.7-meter Comcast Technology Center in Downtown Philadelphia has topped out. Photographs have documented the raising of the…
News Image
New Manhattan Condo Tower Heads for the Sky
8 Sep 2017 – New York City, United States
Taking shape next to the Museum of Modern Art at 53 West 53rd Street in Midtown Manhattan, the 53W53 tower recently reached 58 out of its 77 floors. When completed, the…
News Image
China Zun Tower Structurally Tops Out in Beijing
25 Aug 2017 – Beijing, China
The 528-meter China Zun Tower has structurally topped out, with a ceremony held in Beijing on August 22. Once finished, China Zun will be the city's tallest tower,…
News Image
Chicago’s "Big Red" Building Scores Anchor Tenant, and Maybe a New Name
11 Aug 2017 – Chicago, United States
A Chicago-based bank has made a deal to lease 462,000 square feet (43,000 square meters) of the CNA Center, affectionately known as "Big Red," and landed naming rights…
News Image
London's 20 Fenchurch Church Street Building Sold in Record-Breaking Deal
28 Jul 2017 – London, United Kingdom
London’s landmark 36-story “Walkie Talkie” building has broken records with its US$1.7 billion sale to a Hong Kong firm best known for making oyster sauce. The deal…
News Image
Supertall 53 West 53rd Begins to Take Shape in New York City
28 Jun 2017 – New York City, United States
Vertical construction at the 53 West 53rd site has overtaken its neighbor, the 1965-built Financial Times Building. The Midtown Manhattan supertall boasts a unique metal…
News Image
Mixed-Use Talan Towers Complete in Astana
14 Jun 2017 – Astana, Kazakhstan
Work has completed on a US$430 million hotel, office, and apartment development in Astana, Kazakhstan. Talan Towers is composed of a 30-story office tower and 25-story…
News Image
Beijing’s Tallest Building Highlighted in Construction Images
17 Feb 2017 – Beijing, China
Beijing's future tallest building continues to flaunt its height, as recent photos highlight the supertall's striking curvature and textured cladding system. When…
News Image
CTBUH Recognizes Completion of Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre, Now the Fifth Tallest Building in the World
21 Dec 2016 – Guangzhou, China
The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) has certified the completion of Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre. At 530 meters it is the tallest building in…
News Image
Billionaire Buys $550 Million Madrid Skyscraper
3 Oct 2016 – Madrid, Spain
Amancio Ortega, thought to be Europe’s richest man, has bought one of Madrid’s most famous skyscrapers, the Torre Cepsa, for USD$550 million through his property…
News Image
Construction Progresses on Beijing’s Future Tallest Skyscraper
5 May 2016 – Beijing, China
Recent photos show that the China Zun Tower in Beijing has made significant progress since construction began in 2012. If construction remains on schedule, the tower is…
News Image
Insurance Giant to Become Anchor Tenant of Proposed Chicago High-Rise
17 Dec 2015 – Chicago, United States
After 43 years in the iconic red skyscraper painted in its corporate color, CNA is ditching 333 S. Wabash Avenue and moving half a mile northwest. The insurance giant is…
News Image
The Shard is Nearly 70 Percent Leased with Some of the Highest Rents in London
27 Aug 2015 – London, United Kingdom
A letting at The Shard in London has broken price records for the South Bank and the City, as a German IT company has struck a deal to take the entire 26th floor of the…
News Image
Damper at TAIPEI 101 Records Biggest Movement Ever
11 Aug 2015 – Taipei, Taiwan
This past weekend TAIPEI 101's internal mechanisms set a new record while keeping it upright during a typhoon. On August 8, the building’s mass damper moved further than…
News Image
TAIPEI 101 to Replace External Lighting With LEDs
23 Jun 2015 – Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei Financial Center Corp, which operates TAIPEI 101, said that it plans to replace all the traditional fluorescent tubes on the skyscraper’s external walls with LED…
News Image
New York’s 53 West 53rd Seeks Buyers for its Luxury Condominiums
18 May 2015 – New York City, United States of America
The newest condominium tower in midtown Manhattan's richest neighborhood is ready to open its doors to buyers. The skyscraper at 53 W. 53rd Street will start marketing…
News Image
Extreme Cyclist Pedals Up Taiwan’s Taipei 101
24 Mar 2015 – Taipei, Taiwan
A Guinness World Record holder has cycled up 3,139 steps in the Taipei 101 tower, formerly the tallest building in the world. Polish extreme cyclist Krystian Herba…
News Image
Construction of Moscow’s Moscow-City Skyscraper Block to Complete in 2018
8 Dec 2014 – Moscow, Russia
Marat Khusnullin, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Urban Policy and Construction, said that the construction around Moscow’s International Business Center, Moscow-City, is…
News Image
Hard Rock Hotel to Open in Dubai’s Marina 101
28 Oct 2014 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai’s Marina 101 will soon house the Middle East’s first Hard Rock Hotel, it was announced on October 27. The hotel will occupy the first 33 floors of the building and…
News Image
Dubai’s Burj Khalifa Opens Highest Observation Deck in the World
14 Oct 2014 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Burj Khalifa now has the world’s highest observation deck, following the unveiling of a new viewing level on the 148th floor. With its floor at 555.7 meters, it…
News Image
Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre to Open Early 2016
8 Oct 2014 – Guangzhou, China
The 530-meter Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre is slated to complete in early 2016, at which point it will be the tallest building in Guangzhou. The tower will offer an…
News Image
MoMA Skyscraper in New York City Receives Air Rights
12 Sep 2014 – New York City, United States
After nearly a decade of planning, developers are ready to begin building an 82-story skyscraper adjacent to the Museum of Modern Art in Midtown Manhattan on West 53rd…
News Image
Highest Floors in Dubai’s Marina 101 Go On Sale
11 Sep 2014 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The top 20 floors of Marina 101, Dubai’s future second-tallest building, are going on sale. When completed at the end of December 2014, the 427-meter tall Marina 101 will…
News Image
Astana Skyline on the Rise
22 Aug 2014 – Astana, Kazakhstan
After years of economic growth, the Astana skyline is now punctuated by gleaming skyscrapers and Western-style shopping malls. More than a dozen high-rises have been…
News Image
JAHN’s Leatop Plaza in Guangzhou Receives LEED Gold Certification
12 Aug 2014 – Guangzhou, China
JAHN’s 303-meter Leatop Plaza has achieved LEED Gold Certification from the US Green Building Council (USGBC). It is the first LEED Gold-certified building in south (…
News Image
Dream Dubai Marina Set For 2015 Completion
21 Jul 2014 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Construction on the soon-to-be second-tallest tower in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Dream Dubai Marina, is more than 80 percent complete. The Project will stand…
News Image
Record-Breaking Moscow-City Skyscraper Gets Extra Floors
8 Jul 2014 – Moscow, Russia
City authorities in Moscow have decided to increase the already record-breaking Moscow-City development to new heights by adding two stories to the Vostok Tower, which is…
News Image
New Details Released on Comcast’s Second Tower in Philadelphia
7 Jul 2014 – Philadelphia, United States
Liberty Property Trust, the landlord developing Comcast's second high-rise tower, the Comcast Innovation & Technology Center in Center City Philadelphia, posted new…
News Image
Video: Daring Duo Leap from World’s Tallest Building
23 Apr 2014 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
In an event that claimed the new Guinness World Record title of Highest Base Jump from the Tallest Building, two men took the jump of a lifetime off the 828-meter Burj…
News Image
Hitachi to Deliver World’s Fastest Elevators by 2016
21 Apr 2014 – Guangzhou, China
Hitachi will deliver the world's fastest ultra-high-speed elevators to the Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre, a mixed-use skyscraper currently under construction in Guangzhou…
News Image
Abu Dhabi Offers Least Expensive Office Space Despite Available Wealth
14 Mar 2014 – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
A recent report that found Hong Kong and Tokyo to be most expensive cities to rent skyscraper floor-space, also finds the United Arab Emirate cities of Dubai and Abu…
News Image
Think Tank Predicts 236 Skyscrapers Will Sprout in London
13 Mar 2014 – London, United Kingdom
A recent study by New London Architecture (NLA) found that 236 towers over 20 stories tall are already proposed, approved, or under construction in London, with the…
News Image
Hong Kong Top-Floor Towers Fetch Double the Manhattan Rents
6 Mar 2014 – Hong Kong, China
Premium office space is found at the topmost floors of skyscrapers across the globe, with Hong Kong in the lead, where the highest floor space goes for more than twice…
News Image
Unanimous Approval for New Comcast Tower in Philly
21 Feb 2014 – Philadelphia, United States
Five bills that will pave the way for the construction of the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center, a 341-meter addition to the Philadelphia skyline, have been…
News Image
Fog Phenomenon Returns to Transform Dubai Skyline
14 Feb 2014 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Twice a year, weather conditions generate a cloud-like fog that settles between the ground and sky, which creates a heavenly vision of the world’s tallest skyscraper tips…
News Image
Solution Planned for Walkie Scorchie's Rays
13 Feb 2014 – London, United Kingdom
The owners of 20 Fenchurch, more recently known as “the Walkie-Scorchie” because of its ability to bend and concentrate light toward the street below, have proposed a…
News Image
Shard's Shangri-la Hotel Sets Opening Date
10 Feb 2014 – London, United Kingdom
The long wait for the opening of the Shangri-la hotel, located within The Shard, will end this spring when the Hong-Kong-based group opens its third European luxury hotel…
News Image
Shard Hosts Top Dining Hot-Spot, Remains Largely Vacant Below
28 Jan 2014 – London, United Kingdom
Three restaurants with sky-high views in the Shard were listed as the most visited in London, despite the lack of occupants in the rest of the building. However, the…
News Image
Comcast to Build New Supertall in Philly
16 Jan 2014 – Philadelphia, United States
Comcast Corp. will surpass the height of its own Philadelphia headquarters in a new skyscraper development that will accommodate its expanding workforce. The 341-meter…
News Image
Shard Architect to Build Neighboring Residential Tower
16 Jan 2014 – London, United Kingdom
A new Renzo Piano-designed tower is joining the London Bridge Quarter neighborhood; less than a year after the completion of The Shard. The "new" 27-story tower will be a…
News Image
Shanghai Tower Plans to Hire Leasing Agent
8 Jan 2014 – Shanghai, China
The state-owned developer of Shanghai Tower, China’s next tallest building, is hiring a leasing agent to sell space in the building, a highly unusual move in China,…
News Image
Dubai’s Record-Breaking Fireworks Show Includes Burj Khalifa
2 Jan 2014 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Always a place where “size matters,” Dubai kicked off 2014 with an appropriately gigantic fireworks display, launching more than 500,000 incendiaries in six minutes. The…
News Image
Investors from Singapore Bring Major Money to Manhattan Tower
30 Oct 2013 – New York City, United States
Hines has announced that Pontiac Land Group of Singapore has joined Hines and Goldman Sachs Real Estate in the ownership of 53 W. 53rd Street, the Jean Nouvel-designed…
News Image
Pritzker-winning Architect Designs Paris Courthouse Tower
14 Oct 2013 – Paris, France
Renzo Piano Building Workshop has unveiled the design of the Paris Courthouse, a multi-story tower comprised of four volumes. The Palais de Justice, located in the Clichy…
News Image
Marina 101 Gets Dreamy Rename
11 Oct 2013 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Real estate company Dream has announced its next international hotel project, Dream Dubai, in the under-construction Marina 101. Dream officials disclosed that the hotel…
News Image
Parisian Skyscraper Pair May Move Forward
18 Sep 2013 – Paris, France
Russian developer Hermitage seems to be moving forward with its long-stalled Hermitage Plaza in the La Defense district of Paris. The €3 billion (US$4 billion) complex…
News Image
Branding Tall Buildings as Luxurious
6 Sep 2013 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Arabian Business profiles the process of marketing tall buildings in a recent article, including the man responsible for branding the Burj Khalifa. John Brash of Brash…
News Image
Iconic Buildings Become Pawns in Skyline Chess
28 Aug 2013 – London, United Kingdom
Iconic London architecture becomes kings, queens and pawns in Skyline Chess Set, by Ian Flood & Chriss Prosser. Famous and cherished structures of the city, including The…
News Image
20 Fenchurch Half-Let
18 Jul 2013 – London, United Kingdom
More than half of the office space in London's 20 Fenchurch Street (the Walkie Talkie) has been pre-let, nine months before its scheduled completion, according to the…
News Image
Google Takes to the Skies, Courtesy of the Burj
26 Jun 2013 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Google has taken its Street View imagery to the top of the Burj Khalifa, under the direction of Pascal Malite, Street View Program Manager. Google spent three days at the…
News Image
London Media Joins the Skyscraper Debate
11 Jun 2013 – London, United Kingdom
As the tall building community comes to London for the CTBUH 2013 London Conference, media sources in the city are examining the legacy of the tall building in the…
News Image
Video: Watch the Climb to the Top
10 Jun 2013 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Photographer Joe McNally recently captured a series of dizzying images from the top of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. He has also released an interesting…
News Image
Video: Watching a Sand Storm from the Burj Khalifa
7 May 2013 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai-based photographer Gerald Donovan climbed to the top of the 828-meter (2,722-foot) Burj Khalifa last week with plans to photograph the city. When he arrived at the…
News Image
Shard Secures First Office Tenant
3 May 2013 – London, United Kingdom
Financial advisory and investment banking firm Duff & Phelps has signed a contract to lease about 20,000 square feet (1,806 square meters) of office space in the Shard.…
News Image
The Guardian's Readers Celebrate Tall Buildings
22 Apr 2013 – London, United Kingdom
As part of the Guardian's "Assignment of the Week" photography initiative, readers are encouraged to submit photos of tall buildings around the world. The theme was…
News Image
Hear the Burj Khalifa Creaking in a Storm
17 Apr 2013 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
A recent video posted on YouTube of Dubai's Burj Khalifa records what it's like to be in the tower while experiencing the strong winds of a storm. The building, which is…
News Image
Moscow-City's Resurrection
4 Apr 2013 – Moscow, Russia
Russia has re-launched the Moscow-City development in an attempt to draw international business to the city. The real estate development, which has suffered a series of…
News Image
The Man Behind the Burj Khalifa Seeks to Do It Again
1 Apr 2013 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The chairman and founder of real estate giant Emaar Properties, Mohammed Alabbar, is developing plans to build a 1 kilometer-plus tower in Asia. In an extensive interview…
News Image
Renzo Piano Discusses The Shard
19 Feb 2013 – London, United Kingdom
BBC journalist Sarah Montague spoke to the designer of London's recently completed Shard as part of her show, 'Hardtalk.' The episode features Italian architect Renzo…
News Image
The Shard Celebrates Foggy Opening Day
4 Feb 2013 – London, United Kingdom
London's Shard officially acquired the title of Europe's tallest skyscraper with the opening of the viewing platform on February 1. Designed by Italian Pritzker Prize-…
News Image
Photographer Offers Panoramic Views from Burj Khalifa
29 Jan 2013 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai-based photographer Gerald Donovan has produced a 360-degree panorama from the top of the Burj Khalifa, providing stunning views of the Dubai landscape. The image…
News Image
Tickets for First Access to Shard Viewing Area Sold Out
11 Jan 2013 – London, United Kingdom
Tickets for the first two days of access to the Shard's viewing floor have sold out, despite a GBP24.95 price tag. The first visitors will be taken to the viewing area on…
News Image
Video: World’s Tallest Building Celebrates New Year
2 Jan 2013 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, welcomed in the new year with an appropriately Dubai-scale fireworks display. The light show was accompanied by a performance…
News Image
Tower Verre Design Updated
17 Dec 2012 – New York City, United States
The architects of record for Jean Nouvel's Tower Verre, Adamson Associates, have released the latest project renderings, New York YIMBY reports. Originally conceived to…
News Image
Burj Khalifa Struck by Lightning
11 Dec 2012 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Photos have emerged of a lightning bolt striking the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The tallest building in the world was hit during a rare electric storm that passed through the…
News Image
Walkie Talkie Building Clinches Another Tenant
8 Nov 2012 – London, United Kingdom
London's Walkie Talkie building has signed Lloyd’s of London syndicate Ascot as its newest tenant. The 38-story skyscraper, which is owned by British company Land…
News Image
Moscow Tower Overtakes The Shard
1 Nov 2012 – Moscow, Russia
Construction on the 75-story Mercury City Tower in Moscow has surpassed the height of The Shard as the structure topped out at 339 meters this week. The 306-meter Shard…
News Image
Photos Released of Burj Khalifa in a Fog
19 Oct 2012 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Daily Mail offers exclusive photos of Burj Khalifa at sunrise rising above an engulfing fog. German photographer Bjoern Lauen captured the images of the 828-meter (…

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CTBUH Resources Involving CoxGomyl

Award Winners & Award of Excellence Recipients

The CTBUH Awards recognize projects and individuals that have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of tall buildings and the urban environment, and that achieve sustainability at the highest and broadest level.


Award of Excellence

China Award Winner


Silverene Towers – Preserving the Exclusive Views Over Dubai Marina
6 Jun 2017 – Other Videos; CoxGomyl
Dubai, and the Dubai Marina especially, are at the forefront of exciting and innovative architectural developments, and the unique design and aesthetic of the Silverene residential complex more than makes its mark on this stunning city skyline.
Awqaf Tower - Over 126 Meters Above Abu Dhabi
6 Jun 2017 – Other Videos; CoxGomyl
With a large overhanging soffit, our access solutions had to work in harmony with the design. This has been achieved with two fixed BMUs each covering half on the building. To provide access to the facade under the soffit, the machines boast a three…
Building Maintenance Units Reach Great Lengths at Hilal Bank, UAE
9 Mar 2017 – Other Videos; CoxGomyl
Al Hilal Bank is a progressive Islamic bank headquartered in Abu Dhabi. It is an architectural accomplishment quite different from other buildings in Abu Dhabi. CoxGomyl provided a customised Facade Access solution which consists of a building…
Aldar HQ, Abu Dhabi
Jan 2017 – Other Videos; CoxGomyl
This video previews the Aldar HQ, Abu Dhabi, the first circular disc-shaped building in the Middle East.
Building Maintenance Units on 20 Fenchurch, London
13 Jan 2016 – Other Videos; CoxGomyl
This video shows the impressive solution devised by CoxGomyl to install Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) to maintain the facade on this distinctive curved structure designed by architect Rafael Vinoly, commonly known as The Walkie Talkie in London.
Building Access Solutions - Pearl River Tower, Guangzhou, China
12 Sep 2014 – Other Videos; CoxGomyl
The Pearl River Tower was designed with energy efficiency in mind. Its roof is lined with solar panels and therefore has no terrace space to install BMUs. All BMUs are housed within the building and are launched from retracting panels.
Facade Access Solutions - Leatop Plaza, Guangzhou, China
24 Jun 2014 – Other Videos; CoxGomyl
CoxGomyl provides integrated access solutions to the Leatop Plaza, a skyscraper in the Pearl River New Town area in Guangzhou, one of the top 3 cities in China. The building features a simple, elegant and transparent façade and the client requested…


20 Fenchurch Street, London, UK
Jan 2017 – Corporate Publication
20 Fenchurch Street, located in the financial district of the City of London, was designed by architect Rafael Viñoly. The building has been nicknamed the 'Walkie Talkie' because of its distinctive shape and top heavy form. Some of its notable…
Résidence Palace, Brussels, Belgium
Jan 2017 – Corporate Publication
The Résidence Palace, also known as the Europa Building, will host the meetings of the European Council, the Council of the EU, and other high level bodies, as well as provide offices for member state delegations and several General Secretariat…
International Youth Cultural Centre, Nanjing, China
Jan 2017 – Corporate Publication
Located in the west of Nanjing Jianye Business District along the banks of the Yangtze River, the Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre development rises as two twin towers of varying heights, forming a shared podium. The Centre was opened in…
Goldin Financial Global Centre, Hong Kong, China
Jan 2017 – Corporate Publication
Situated in Hong Kong's Kowloon Bay, the new central business district in the east part of Kowloon Peninsula, Goldin Financial Goldin Centre stands as the new corporate headquarters location of the client, offering commercial office space with a view…
Collins Square, Melbourne, Australia
Jan 2017 – Corporate Publication
A $2 billion development project, Collins Square, made up of five commercial towers and the Southern Goods Shed, is the largest of its kind in Melbourne, and Australia's second largest commercial mixed-use development. The development totals 250,000…
Duke Energy Center, USA
13 Jan 2013 – Corporate Publication
The Duke Energy Center is recognised for its uniquely chiselled upper quadrant and crossbeam more than 20 metres above roof level. Architects Thompson, Ventulette, Stainback & Associates designed a glass and aluminium curtain wall, all of which…
Guangzhou International Finance Center, China
13 Jan 2013 – Corporate Publication
The Guangzhou International Finance Center is not only recognised as the tallest building in Guangzhou, but one of the most beautiful. A triangular base supports the slender, curvaceous structure to make efficient use of internal space. Wilkinson…
International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong
13 Jan 2013 – Corporate Publication
As the tallest building in Hong Kong, the International Commerce Centre is an icon, not only for its scale, but also for its iconic ‘dragon tail’ feature at the base of the north face. Architects at the Kohn Pedersen Fox Association designed walls…
Pearl River Tower Guangzhou, China
13 Jan 2013 – Corporate Publication
Acknowledged as the world’s most energyefficient ‘green’ building, the gently curved Pearl River Tower is constantly in the public spotlight and media. Architects Skidmore, Owings & Merrill designed mechanical floors with funnel-like openings at…
Shanghai World Finance Center, China
13 Jan 2013 – Corporate Publication
At the time of completion in 2008, the Shanghai World Finance Center was the tallest skyscraper in China, with the tallest observation deck in the world at 474 metres. Architects Kohn Pendersen Fox & Associates designed the 492-metre structure with a…
The Shard, London, UK
13 Jan 2013 – Corporate Publication
As the tallest skyscraper in Western Europe, The Shard takes its name from the four shards of the doubleglazed glass façade set at various angles, towering more than 20m above roof level. Architect Renzo Piano designed an irregular pyramidal-shaped…
Torre Caja, Madrid, Spain
13 Jan 2013 – Corporate Publication
As the tallest building in Spain, the Torre Caja Madrid is an iconic landmark. Norman Foster Architects designed an archway that rises from the ground, high above the roof level, surrounding the glass and aluminium-panelled façade on either side.
Burj Khalifa Dubai, UAE
13 Jan 2012 – Corporate Publication
As the world’s tallestbuilding, the Burj Khalifasets the standard for whatarchitecture and designshould be. At 828 meters,the building houses the highest swimming pool, mosque and observation deck in the world. A desert flower native to the region,…

CoxGomyl Tall Building Facts

150m+ Buildings 30 Completed2 Under Constr.
300m+ Buildings 21 Completed2 Under Constr.
Average Building Age 6 Years
Most Common Function mixed-use, 16 Buildings
Most Common Material Composite, 20 Buildings
Building Functions
Building Materials

All building-related facts are for 150m+ buildings currently in the database.

Tall Buildings Involving CoxGomyl