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Beijing Greenland Dawangjing Tower

Beijing Greenland Dawangjing Tower, Beijing

The Beijing Greenland Dawangjing Tower’s distinct trapezoidal facade was developed to take advantage of the building’s site positioning and as a means to catch and refract sunlight.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Undoubtedly one of the wonders of the modern world, Burj Khalifa is graceful and elegant as it reaches upward with seeming ease.

Cayan Tower

Cayan Tower, Dubai

Standing at over 300 meters, Cayan Tower stood as the world's tallest high rise building with a twist of 90 degrees when it was completed in 2013.

FKI Tower

FKI Tower, Seoul

FKI Tower features an innovative exterior wall, designed specifically for the project. The unique skin reduces internal heating and cooling loads and collects energy.

Greenland's Suzhou Center

Greenland's Suzhou Center, Suzhou

The Suzhou Center incorporates passive ventilation techniques in the the design to create a unique interior "lung" that appears as a large opening.

Jeddah Tower

Jeddah Tower, Jeddah

Jeddah Tower reaches new heights as the first building to surpass the 1,000 meter mark while standing as an icon for the country of Saudi Arabia.

Jiangxi Nanchang Greenland Central Plaza

Jiangxi Nanchang Greenland Central Plaza, Nanchang

The Jiangxi Nanchang Greenland Central Plaza includes two identical towers clad in a sleek glass curtain wall whose shapes morph from base to top.

Jing An Kerry Centre

Jing An Kerry Centre, Shanghai

Jing An Kerry Centre draws upon the socioeconomic wellspring of public transit to activate an iconic mixed-use mega-project in Shanghai.

Kingtown International Center

Kingtown International Center, Nanjing

This tower uses a distinctive external bracing system, which creates more efficient lateral support, requiring less steel and an overall 20% reduction in building material.

Pearl River Tower

Pearl River Tower, Guangzhou

The building’s siting and its evocative curving shape are performance driven, and represent an example of a 21st century tower that responds responsibly to local climactic conditions.

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower, Shanghai

As the third tower in the trio of supertall buildings at the heart of Shanghai’s new Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, Shanghai Tower embodies a new prototype for tall buildings.

Zifeng Tower

Zifeng Tower, Nanjing

The triangulated, serrated façade treatment is interesting, adding depth and texture to the imposing form while allowing natural ventilation throughout.

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About SWA Group

SWA is a world leader in landscape architecture, planning, and urban design. Professionally focused and employee-owned, its foremost passion is to create exceptional places for clients.

SWA works with large, multi-functional sites and small, intimate spaces, and is one of the few firms capable of creating high-profile projects at a large scale. Its designs and plans are customized for each client's aspirations—based on deep experience, technical knowledge, cutting-edge research, and "big ideas."

SWA's work is fueled by a deep appreciation for nature and the beauty of natural systems. SWA is also inspired by the complexity of human-made systems and the human interactions they influence. At SWA’s core is a passion for imaginative, solution-oriented design that adds value to land, buildings, cities, regions, and people’s lives.

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New Mixed-Use Development Planned for Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road

New Mixed-Use Development Planned for Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road

11 Sep 2017, Dubai – Plans have been revealed for a new skyscraper in one of Dubai’s most dynamic neighborhoods…

Council Visit Reveals Insights on “World’s Next Tallest” Construction Progress in Jeddah

Council Visit Reveals Insights on “World’s Next Tallest” Construction Progress in Jeddah

30 May 2017, Jeddah – CTBUH Executive Director Dr. Antony Wood was recently invited to visit the construction…

Developers Highlight Job Opportunities at Jeddah City Development

Developers Highlight Job Opportunities at Jeddah City Development

19 May 2017, Jeddah – The developer of the under-construction Jeddah Tower has reiterated the importance of the…

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SWA Group Connected Global News

News Image
New Mixed-Use Development Planned for Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road
11 Sep 2017 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Plans have been revealed for a new skyscraper in one of Dubai’s most dynamic neighborhoods. The project was designed to address demand in the United Arab Emirates’…
News Image
Council Visit Reveals Insights on “World’s Next Tallest” Construction Progress in Jeddah
30 May 2017 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
CTBUH Executive Director Dr. Antony Wood was recently invited to visit the construction site of Jeddah Tower, poised to become the world’s tallest tower and the first 1,…
News Image
Developers Highlight Job Opportunities at Jeddah City Development
19 May 2017 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
The developer of the under-construction Jeddah Tower has reiterated the importance of the upcoming Jeddah Economic City and accompanying tower projects to Saudi Vision…
News Image
Dueling Construction Timelines Create Competition for World’s Tallest Structure
20 Dec 2016 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The race to the top has just gotten tighter, with two rising structures in the Middle East battling for the world's tallest title. In a recent interview, CTBUH…
News Image
Hanking Center Tower Tops Out in Shenzhen
6 Dec 2016 – Shenzhen, China
With the slab for the top floor now in place, the major structure for Shenzhen’s Hanking Center Tower has topped out. Designed by Morphosis, the skyscraper soars to a…
News Image
Twisting Tao Zhu Yin Yuan Tower Makes Construction Progress in Taipei
28 Nov 2016 – Taipei, Taiwan
In-progress images have been released for the 21-story Tao Zhu Yin Yuan tower, under construction in the Xinjin District of Taipei, Taiwan. The twisting tower is expected…
News Image
CTBUH Names Shanghai Tower “Best Tall Building Worldwide” for 2016
4 Nov 2016 – Shanghai, China
The CTBUH Awards Jury has named Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China the title of “Best Tall Building Worldwide” at the 15th Annual CTBUH Awards Ceremony and Dinner,…
News Image
Shanghai Tower Installs Signboard Commemorating Megatall Status
17 May 2016 – Shanghai, China
The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) joined officials of Shanghai Tower in unveiling the commemorative signboard designating Shanghai Tower the tallest…
News Image
World’s Fastest Elevator to be Installed in China’s Tallest Building
12 May 2016 – Shanghai, China
A vertical transportation company has developed what it claims is the world's fastest elevator, featuring a speed of 20.6 meters per second. The company will apply the…
News Image
Shanghai Tower Pays Tribute to Workers with Wall of Honor
29 Apr 2016 – Shanghai, China
The names of over 4,000 workers, designers, and engineers who played a part in the design and construction of Shanghai Tower have been put on a new 60-meter-long Wall of…
News Image
Future World’s Tallest is 20 Percent Complete
16 Mar 2016 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia, which is set to be the world’s tallest building, is over 20 percent complete, according to developers. The planned one-kilometer tower has…
News Image
Shanghai Tower Has Completed, Now the Second-Tallest Building in the World
7 Jan 2016 – Shanghai, China
The CTBUH has recognized the completion of Shanghai Tower, which is now the tallest building in China and the second-tallest building in the world. The tower was finished…
News Image
Developer Secures New Funding to Complete Jeddah Tower
30 Nov 2015 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
The developer behind Jeddah Tower, set to become the world’s tallest building, has secured new funding to complete its construction. A $2.23 billion fund has been…
News Image
Jiangxi Greenland Zifeng Tower Completes in Nanchang
15 Sep 2015 – Nanchang, China
American firm SOM has completed a new tower in Nanchang, China. Rising 56 stories, the Jiangxi Greenland Zifeng Tower is located in Gaoxin, a growing high-tech district,…
News Image
Elevator Installation Prep Begins at Jeddah’s Kingdom Tower
11 May 2015 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Elevator installation preparations have begun at the 1000-plus-meter Kingdom Tower. This work, as well as the eventual installation of the elevator cars, will then…
News Image
Construction Underway on Shenzhen Mixed-Use Tower
15 Apr 2015 – Shenzhen, China
Construction is underway on a new tower by Morphosis Architects in Shenzhen. When completed, Hanking Center Tower will house retail, office, and residential space with…
News Image
“French Spiderman” Scales Dubai’s Cayan Tower
13 Apr 2015 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
A daredevil climber known as “French Spiderman” scaled the world’s tallest twisted skyscraper without a safety harness. French climber Alain Robert climbed Dubai's 306-…
News Image
Construction Starts on Chengdu Greenland Tower
19 Nov 2014 – Chengdu, China
Construction has begun on what will be the tallest skyscraper in the city of Chengdu. Designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, the tower draws its…
News Image
Dubai’s Burj Khalifa Opens Highest Observation Deck in the World
14 Oct 2014 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Burj Khalifa now has the world’s highest observation deck, following the unveiling of a new viewing level on the 148th floor. With its floor at 555.7 meters, it…
News Image
Jeddah’s Kingdom Tower to Utilize World’s Tallest Construction Crane
19 Sep 2014 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Kingdom Tower, poised to be the world's tallest tower upon completion, has reached an important milestone in the project that will set another new world record — the…
News Image
Shanghai Tower Gets Finishing Touch
4 Aug 2014 – Shanghai, China
The final steel beam was installed on China’s soon-to-be tallest building, Shanghai Tower, with the skyscraper reaching its designed height of 632 meters. The 137-story…
News Image
New Technologies Emerge for Elevators in Jeddah’s Kingdom Tower
2 Jul 2014 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
There's no doubt that Saudi Arabia’s 3,280-foot (1,000 meter)-tall Kingdom Tower will be a luxury experience. As it turns out, even the elevators will be VIP. The Kone-…
News Image
Allianz Report Sets Out Risks of Supertall Towers
26 Jun 2014 – London, United Kingdom
With values often exceeding $1 billion, the latest “supertall” (300 meters plus) or “megatall” (600 meters plus) buildings pose new challenges for insurers as well as for…
News Image
Nanchang Twin Towers Mark 100th Topped-Out Supertall Project
13 Jun 2014 – Nanchang, China
The Jiangxi Nanchang Greenland Central Plaza is the 100th supertall (300 meters or higher) building to be topped out or completed around the world. There are now 80…
News Image
KONE Wins Kingdom Tower Lift Job
5 Jun 2014 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Jeddah Economic Co., the developer of the Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia, has selected KONE as the vertical transportation provider to deliver the world's fastest and…
News Image
Video: Daring Duo Leap from World’s Tallest Building
23 Apr 2014 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
In an event that claimed the new Guinness World Record title of Highest Base Jump from the Tallest Building, two men took the jump of a lifetime off the 828-meter Burj…
News Image
Above-Ground Work to Start on Kingdom Tower
21 Mar 2014 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Above-ground work on the 1-kilometer-tall Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, will begin next month, according to Building Design. Construction will start on April 27…
News Image
Abu Dhabi Offers Least Expensive Office Space Despite Available Wealth
14 Mar 2014 – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
A recent report that found Hong Kong and Tokyo to be most expensive cities to rent skyscraper floor-space, also finds the United Arab Emirate cities of Dubai and Abu…
News Image
Kingdom Tower Mobilizes Construction
24 Feb 2014 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
The kilometer-high Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, currently under construction, is showing new signs of life, as the developer of the project has commissioned engineering and…
News Image
Skyscraper Security Heightened After Unauthorized Shanghai Stunt
17 Feb 2014 – Shanghai, China
The two daredevils who scaled the under-construction 632-meter Shanghai Tower have prompted tighter security controls from tall building owners, who previously authorized…
News Image
Fog Phenomenon Returns to Transform Dubai Skyline
14 Feb 2014 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Twice a year, weather conditions generate a cloud-like fog that settles between the ground and sky, which creates a heavenly vision of the world’s tallest skyscraper tips…
News Image
Shanghai Tower Construction Surpasses 600-meter Megatall Measure
28 Jan 2014 – Shanghai, China
Onward and upward, the Shanghai Tower has reached its final stages of construction, exceeding 600 meters, and is set to top off at 632 meters. Shanghai Tower will be one…
News Image
FKI Tower Features External Wall Advances to Maximize Energy
24 Jan 2014 – Seoul, South Korea
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture announced the public opening of a 240-meter tower in Seoul that utilizes an innovative exterior wall designed specifically for the…
News Image
Shanghai Tower Plans to Hire Leasing Agent
8 Jan 2014 – Shanghai, China
The state-owned developer of Shanghai Tower, China’s next tallest building, is hiring a leasing agent to sell space in the building, a highly unusual move in China,…
News Image
Fairmont Nanjing Opens in Jinao Tower
3 Jan 2014 – Nanjing, China
Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has announced the opening of Fairmont Nanjing in the Jinao Tower, featuring 359 guestrooms and suites, seven restaurants and bars (including one…
News Image
Dubai’s Record-Breaking Fireworks Show Includes Burj Khalifa
2 Jan 2014 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Always a place where “size matters,” Dubai kicked off 2014 with an appropriately gigantic fireworks display, launching more than 500,000 incendiaries in six minutes. The…
News Image
Sequis Centre Tower Breaks Ground
20 Dec 2013 – Jakarta, Indonesia
KPF announced the Sequis Centre Tower’s groundbreaking in Jakarta. The 210-meter tower is being touted as Indonesia’s first LEED Platinum building, and is situated in the…
News Image
Kingdom Tower Piling Work Completes
5 Dec 2013 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Mounib Hammoud, Jeddah Economic Company’s (JEC) new CEO, has announced the completion of the piling work for the Kingdom Tower, set to be the future-tallest building in…
News Image
FT Evaluates Shanghai Tower’s Sustainability
26 Nov 2013 – Shanghai, China
A recent article from The Financial Times delves into the Shanghai Tower and its implications to Chinese society and its much-talked-about sustainability. The Shanghai…
News Image
Branding Tall Buildings as Luxurious
6 Sep 2013 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Arabian Business profiles the process of marketing tall buildings in a recent article, including the man responsible for branding the Burj Khalifa. John Brash of Brash…
News Image
Video: Shanghai Tower in the Cloud
6 Sep 2013 – Shanghai, China
The Shanghai skyline has been transformed by the recently topped-out Shanghai Tower. At the 2013 Huawei Cloud Congress in Shanghai, chief engineer Qing Ge of Shanghai…
News Image
AS+GG Partner Discusses Supertall Construction on Chinese Radio
12 Aug 2013 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture partner Robert Forest was interviewed by China Radio International English about the rising number of supertall skyscrapers,…
News Image
Shanghai Tower Celebrates Topping Out to Worldwide Fanfare
2 Aug 2013 – Shanghai, China
Topping out ceremonies for the Shanghai Tower were held in the Jujiazui financial hub of Shanghai on August 2. The ¥15 billion (US$2.4 billion) tower, whose concrete core…
News Image
Google Takes to the Skies, Courtesy of the Burj
26 Jun 2013 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Google has taken its Street View imagery to the top of the Burj Khalifa, under the direction of Pascal Malite, Street View Program Manager. Google spent three days at the…
News Image
Kingdom Tower Officially Underway and On Schedule
26 Jun 2013 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal says the project to build the world's future tallest skyscraper in Jeddah is progressing as planned. The prince made the…
News Image
Saudi Prince Looks to Pursue Another Supertall
18 Jun 2013 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal announced that plans to build the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia are on schedule, taking the opportunity to express…
News Image
Infinity Tower is Renamed at Opening Ceremonies
11 Jun 2013 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The AED1 billion Infinity Tower has been renamed Cayan Tower, after its developer. The name was chosen to end the confusion with the other two Infinity Towers, in…
News Image
Video: Watch the Climb to the Top
10 Jun 2013 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Photographer Joe McNally recently captured a series of dizzying images from the top of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. He has also released an interesting…
News Image
Dubai's Infinity Tower Completed
5 Jun 2013 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabian developer Cayan Investment & Development will celebrate the inauguration of Dubai's Infinity Tower next Monday, June 10. The 75-story building spirals 90…
News Image
Video: Watching a Sand Storm from the Burj Khalifa
7 May 2013 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai-based photographer Gerald Donovan climbed to the top of the 828-meter (2,722-foot) Burj Khalifa last week with plans to photograph the city. When he arrived at the…
News Image
Kingdom Tower Secures Water Supply
29 Apr 2013 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
The Jeddah Economic Co. has signed a water supply deal for the Kingdom Tower with Saudi Arabia's national water company, Bloomberg reports. For SAR2.2 billion (US$587…
News Image
Hear the Burj Khalifa Creaking in a Storm
17 Apr 2013 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
A recent video posted on YouTube of Dubai's Burj Khalifa records what it's like to be in the tower while experiencing the strong winds of a storm. The building, which is…
News Image
Update: Photos Released: Shanghai Tower Reaches 500 Meters
16 Apr 2013 – Shanghai, China
The Shanghai Tower, which is still under construction, reached 501 meters (1,643 feet) April 11, surpassing the neighboring Jin Mao Building and the World Financial…
News Image
The Man Behind the Burj Khalifa Seeks to Do It Again
1 Apr 2013 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The chairman and founder of real estate giant Emaar Properties, Mohammed Alabbar, is developing plans to build a 1 kilometer-plus tower in Asia. In an extensive interview…
News Image
Construction Begins on Taipei's 'Jungle' Skyscraper
11 Mar 2013 – Taipei, Taiwan
Agora Garden Tower, a twisting skyscraper with an inhabitable "jungle," is now under construction in Taipei. The Agora, designed by Vincent Callebaut Architecture (VCA),…
News Image
The Shard's Project Managers to Oversee Kingdom Tower
25 Feb 2013 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
The £780 million (US$1.2 billion) project to build the world's tallest building in Saudi Arabia will be managed by the firm behind the construction of the recently…
News Image
Popular Science on Shanghai Tower
19 Feb 2013 – Shanghai, China
The Shanghai Tower, which is slated to be the world's second tallest building upon completion, is featured by Popular Science in a recent article. Engineers involved in…
News Image
Photographer Offers Panoramic Views from Burj Khalifa
29 Jan 2013 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai-based photographer Gerald Donovan has produced a 360-degree panorama from the top of the Burj Khalifa, providing stunning views of the Dubai landscape. The image…
News Image
Video: World’s Tallest Building Celebrates New Year
2 Jan 2013 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, welcomed in the new year with an appropriately Dubai-scale fireworks display. The light show was accompanied by a performance…
News Image
Burj Khalifa Struck by Lightning
11 Dec 2012 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Photos have emerged of a lightning bolt striking the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The tallest building in the world was hit during a rare electric storm that passed through the…
News Image
Adrian Smith Talks Kingdom Tower
5 Dec 2012 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Construction Week has posted an interview with Adrian Smith about his work in the field of supertall buildings. He discusses the future world's tallest building, Kingdom…
News Image
Photos Released of Burj Khalifa in a Fog
19 Oct 2012 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Daily Mail offers exclusive photos of Burj Khalifa at sunrise rising above an engulfing fog. German photographer Bjoern Lauen captured the images of the 828-meter (…
News Image
Kingdom Tower Signs Foundation Deal
9 Oct 2012 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Although there is still no official word on when construction will start on Kingdom Tower, there are signs of progress. Saudi BAUER Foundation Contractors Ltd. this week…
News Image
Shanghai Tower Elevators Receive Three Guinness World Records Following CTBUH Research
1 Jan 1970 – Shanghai, China
In late 2016, the CTBUH confirmed that the elevator systems at Shanghai Tower achieved the following three GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® titles: Fastest Elevator Travel Speed,…

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Nanjing Regional Tour Report

22-23 Sep 2012, Tour Report – Nanjing, the venerable “Southern capital,” is in the midst of the type of…

Shuyi Chang

Shuyi Chang

CTBUH Expert Chinese Translation Committee, 2014 – 2015
Irving, United States

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James Lee

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San Francisco, United States

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Award Winners & Finalists

The CTBUH Awards recognize projects and individuals that have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of tall buildings and the urban environment, and that achieve sustainability at the highest and broadest level.



China Award Winner

China Award Honorable Distinction

Entering the Clouds

Oct 2011 – CTBUH 2011 Seoul Conference
John L. Wong, SWA Group

Seoul Conference 2011 Track Session 12: Q&A

Oct 2011 – CTBUH 2011 Seoul Conference
Felino 'Jun' Palafox, Palafox Associates; Takehito Takahashi, Takenaka Corporation; ; Kaizer Rangwala, Rangwala Associates; John L. Wong, SWA Group; Ming Zhang, MulvannyG2 Architecture; Stefan Krummeck, TFP Farrells

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150m+ Buildings 20 Completed11 Under Constr.
300m+ Buildings 10 Completed7 Under Constr.
Average Building Age 3 Years
Most Common Function mixed-use, 18 Buildings
Most Common Material Composite, 21 Buildings
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