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Barker Mohandas, LLC is a US-based, international consultancy providing system design, evaluation and modernization services for vertical transportation (VT) such as elevators or lifts, escalators and moving walks. It deeply understands VT traffic-system design, the building interfaces and codes, history of the design standards and applications today, the engineering of elevator products, and the industry's advanced technologies.

Equally important, its consultancy has a solid track record with a wide variety of projects, from low-rise and "wide-rise" -- to the world's largest, tallest, and most complex projects, systems, and problems.

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Rick Barker

Rick Barker

CTBUH Annual Conference, Session Chair, 2015

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Improved Techniques for Vertical Transport for Supertall Buildings

5 Feb 2010 – CTBUH 2010 Mumbai Conference
Rick Barker, Barker Mohandas

Barker Mohandas, LLC Tall Building Facts

150m+ Buildings 16 Completed16 Under Constr.
300m+ Buildings 2 Completed2 Under Constr.
Average Building Age 4 Years
Most Common Function residential, 19 Buildings
Most Common Material Concrete, 26 Buildings
Building Functions
Building Materials

All building-related facts are for 150m+ buildings currently in the database.

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The building list and facts show buildings involving Barker Mohandas Middle East, Barker Mohandas, LLC