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About CB Engineers

Engineering by its nature has constraints: We must follow the laws of physics, thermodynamics and practicality, of course. But so does every other engineering firm out there. What sets them apart is how they work with those laws to give their clients greater freedom.

Every ounce of CB Engineers' energy goes into creating intelligent, innovative engineering solutions that give clients the freedom to meet or exceed their goals, whether it is higher re-sale value, or the ability to create an aesthetic that produces greater visual impact.

Their purpose is to collaborate with enthusiasm, serve clients responsively, promote environmental sustainability, contribute to profitable growth and fulfill the vision of CB Engineers.

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CB Engineers at CTBUH

Igor Tartakovsky

Igor Tartakovsky

CTBUH Awards MEP Engineering Jury, 2021
San Francisco, United States

CTBUH Resources Involving CB Engineers

Award Winners & Award of Excellence Recipients

The CTBUH Awards recognize projects and individuals that have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of tall buildings and the urban environment, and that achieve sustainability at the highest and broadest level.

Award of Excellence

Tall Buildings Involving CB Engineers

1   Wells Fargo Center 1983 213 m Denver
2   The Avery 2019 188 m San Francisco
3   One Rincon Hill South Tower 2008 184 m San Francisco
4   One Rincon Hill North Tower 2014 165 m San Francisco
5   The Century 2009 146 m Los Angeles
6   500 Folsom 2019 133 m San Francisco
7   One World Place 2015 129 m Taguig City
8   399 Fremont 2016 122 m San Francisco
9   8 NEMA 2014 118 m San Francisco
10   299 Fremont 2016 91 m San Francisco
  Completed   Arch. Topped Out   Struct. Topped Out   Under Constr.