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About CetraRuddy

CetraRuddy is an international award-winning architecture, planning and interior design firm founded in 1987 by Principals John Cetra and Nancy J. Ruddy driven by a commitment to design excellence and creating memorable place making. They develop intellectually crafted projects with a unique design sensitivity, resourcefulness and commitment to client objectives. The strength of their work is the product of their team of over 100 passionate and talented professionals who share the vision and commitment to an architecture and interior design of integrity.

At CetraRuddy they find inspiration and trajectory in intellectually crafting unique and specific design solutions. Their practice creates communities, architecture and interior environments based on analytic research, excellence, and beauty.

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CetraRuddy at CTBUH

CTBUH New York Tours ARO

CTBUH New York Tours ARO

20 Jun 2018, Event Report – CTBUH New York attended a tour of the ARO building, known for its avant-garde…

John Cetra

John Cetra

CTBUH Innovation Conference, Speaker, 2020
New York City, United States

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Award Winners & Award of Excellence Recipients

The CTBUH Awards recognize projects and individuals that have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of tall buildings and the urban environment, and that achieve sustainability at the highest and broadest level.

Award of Excellence

CetraRuddy Tall Building Facts

150m+ Buildings 6 Completed2 Under Constr.
300m+ Buildings None
Average Building Age 9 Years
Most Common Function residential, 7 Buildings
Most Common Material Concrete, 8 Buildings
Building Functions
Building Materials

All building-related facts are for 150m+ buildings currently in the database.

Tall Buildings Involving CetraRuddy

1   ARO 2018 225 m New York City
2   200 Amsterdam Avenue 2020 204 m New York City
3   Rose Hill 2021 195 m New York City
4   One Madison Park 2010 189 m New York City
5   The Orion 2006 184 m New York City
6   Hudson Greene East Tower 2010 155 m Jersey City
7   Hudson Greene West Tower 2010 153 m Jersey City
8   135W52 2015 150 m New York City
9   CassaNY 2010 146 m New York City
10   200 East 59th Street 2018 133 m New York City
  Completed   Arch. Topped Out   Struct. Topped Out   Under Constr.