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4 World Trade Center

4 World Trade Center, New York City

Part of the new World Trade Center complex, 4 World Trade Center stands on the southeast corner of the site, where the original once stood.

KL118 Tower

KL118 Tower, Kuala Lumpur

KL118, the first building taller than the Petronas Towers proposed in Kuala Lumpur, is being constructed in the vicinity of Plaza Rakyat.

ECB - European Central Bank

ECB - European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main

European Central Bank's two towers are connected by a full-height atrium, referred to as the "vertical city."

The EY Centre

The EY Centre, Sydney

The EY Centre’s striking timber and glass closed-cavity-façade, and its innovative smart-building technology, distinguish this 38-story office building in the Sydney skyline.

About Doka GmbH

Doka is a world leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing formwork technology for use in all fields of the construction sector. In the area of highrise construction, Doka can look back on decades of experience. Burji Khalifa in Dubai, the Central Park Tower in New York or Aurora Melbourne Central in Melbourne is only a small selection of impressive projects around the globe. Every highrise project is unique. And so also the formwork solution. For all cast-in-place structural parts, from the foundations to the topmost storey, the company offers individual and economic concepts in terms of engineering, construction workflow and budget.

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Doka GmbH at CTBUH

CTBUH Melbourne Hosts Seminar: Behind the Screen

28 Aug 2019, Event Report – CTBUH Melbourne hosted Behind the Screen, an evening seminar on construction…

Christopher Lewis

Christopher Lewis

CTBUH Innovation Conference, Speaker, 2020
Joliet, United States

Dan Zvinca

Dan Zvinca

CTBUH Innovation Conference, Speaker, 2020
Vienna, Austria

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The CTBUH Awards recognize projects and individuals that have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of tall buildings and the urban environment, and that achieve sustainability at the highest and broadest level.


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Doka GmbH Tall Building Facts

150m+ Buildings 16 Completed5 Under Constr.
300m+ Buildings 1 Completed3 Under Constr.
Average Building Age 9 Years
Most Common Function office, 8 Buildings
Most Common Material Concrete, 17 Buildings
Building Functions
Building Materials

All building-related facts are for 150m+ buildings currently in the database.

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