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About GWTS

Global Wind Technology Services Pty Ltd (GWTS) is a company dedicated to solving flow structure interaction problems through the use of globally available resources.

The company uses wind tunnel experiments, computational Fluid dynamics, parametric modelling and experienced engineers to deliver the most practical value engineering solutions for challenging wind engineering problems. GWTS wind engineers have experiences across all continents thus integrates a global approach with local needs.

GWTS is structured to be capabe of working in a multi-disciplinary design environment and deliver a holistic solution to a given project providing alternative solutions and advising the best recommendation to achieve a goal within project boundary constraints is a prime consideration in GWTS strategy and solutions.

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Making High-Rise Work

Making High-Rise Work

11 Jun 2015, Event Report – CTBUH Melbourne hosted their second lecture of 2015 entitled “Making High-Rises*…

Seifu Bekele

Seifu Bekele

CTBUH Annual Conference, Presenter, 2017
Melbourne, Australia

Tall Buildings Involving GWTS

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