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Mjøstårnet, “Tallest Timber Building in the World”  Signboard

Mjøstårnet, “Tallest Timber Building in the World” Signboard

22 Apr 2019, Event Report – Mjøstårnet, in Brumunddal, Norway becomes the “Tallest Timber Building in the World…

Rune Abrahamsen

Rune Abrahamsen

CTBUH Annual Conference, Presenter, 2019
Oslo, Norway

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The CTBUH Awards recognize projects and individuals that have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of tall buildings and the urban environment, and that achieve sustainability at the highest and broadest level.

Award of Excellence

Tall Buildings Involving Moelven Limtre

1   Mjøstårnet 2019 85 m Brumunddal
2   Hotel Alsik 2019 71 m Sønderborg
3   Treet 2015 49 m Bergen
  Completed   Arch. Topped Out   Struct. Topped Out   Under Constr.