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Guangzhou IFC

Guangzhou IFC, Guangzhou

Guangzhou IFC is a landmark tower which defines the emerging international strength of China’s third city and serves as a landmark for Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town’s main axis.

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower, Shanghai

As the third tower in the trio of supertall buildings at the heart of Shanghai’s new Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, Shanghai Tower embodies a new prototype for tall buildings.

The Index

The Index, Dubai

The Index is a model for developing sustainable built environments in the Middle East region, as well as other similar climatic environments elsewhere in the world.

Sapphire Tower

Sapphire Tower, Istanbul

Sapphire Tower brings a fantastic residential building into a downtown business core with sky gardens and "indoor-outdoor" terraces housed within the two skins of the tower.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The 929,000-square meter Marina Bay Sands is conceived as not just a mere building project, but as a city microcosm rooted in Singapore’s culture, climate, and contemporary life.

Pearl River Tower

Pearl River Tower, Guangzhou

The building’s siting and its evocative curving shape are performance driven, and represent an example of a 21st century tower that responds responsibly to local climactic conditions.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Undoubtedly one of the wonders of the modern world, Burj Khalifa is graceful and elegant as it reaches upward with seeming ease.

Taipei 101

Taipei 101, Taipei

The world's tallest building from 2004 to 2010 has since reinvented itself with a renovation that achieved LEED Platinum making it one of the world's greenest skyscrapers.

Aspire Tower

Aspire Tower, Doha

Aspire Tower is a supertall skyscraper that served as the focal point for the 15th Asian games in 2006 housing the flame.

Kingdom Centre

Kingdom Centre, Riyadh

Below the observation deck is an inverted parabolic arch that occupies the top third of the skyscraper creating its iconic status in the city.

Varyap Meridian

Varyap Meridian, Istanbul

The first high-rise residential project in Turkey to achieve a LEED rating, Varyap Meridian contains five towers that reduce energy use by 30%.

Ping An Finance Center

Ping An Finance Center, Shenzhen

Ping An Finance Center is located in the city’s Futian District and represents a new generation of the prototypical Asian skyscraper: very tall, very dense, and hyper-connected.

Petronas Towers

Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Towers display a distinctive postmodern style, making it a 21st-century icon for Kuala Lumpur, and the symbol of Malaysia’s success.

Etihad Towers

Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi

The Etihad Towers complex includes five residential towers situated in the beachside Al Ras Al Akhdar district, and offer panoramic views over the city and Arabian Sea.

Sinar Mas Center

Sinar Mas Center, Shanghai

A centerpiece of a neighborhood development, the design features curved surfaces, accentuated by perforated metal light shelves to enhance the building's environmental performance.

China Zun

China Zun, Beijing

Located in Beijing's Central Business District, the project team aim to use the latest in sustainable technology, materials and engineering concepts.

23 Marina

23 Marina, Dubai

23 Marina was the tallest all residential skyscraper in the world when it was completed in 2012.

Ocean Heights

Ocean Heights, Dubai

Ocean Heights, located along the Dubai Marina, features a deliberate twist on three of its faces to maximize views toward the ocean.

Bitexco Financial Tower

Bitexco Financial Tower, Ho Chi Minh City

Drawing inspiration from Vietnam's national flower, the lotus, the Bitexco Financial Tower is a representation of the aspiration and energy goals of Ho Chi Minh City.

KL118 Tower

KL118 Tower, Kuala Lumpur

KL118, the first building taller than the Petronas Towers proposed in Kuala Lumpur, is being constructed in the vicinity of Plaza Rakyat.

One Shenzhen Bay

One Shenzhen Bay, Shenzhen

Located on reclaimed land that did not exist in 2005, One Shenzhen Bay anchors the newly created business district of Houhai.

ADNOC Headquarters

ADNOC Headquarters, Abu Dhabi

ADNOC Headquarters, situated next to the Arabian Gulf, was designed to allow occupants flexibility in physical space as well as optimal views of the coastline.

Shum Yip Upperhills

Shum Yip Upperhills, Shenzhen

Through the integration of greenery, Shum Yip Upperhills blurs the boundary between project, city and natural environment, responding to the climate and the history of Shenzhen.

Jing An Kerry Centre

Jing An Kerry Centre, Shanghai

Jing An Kerry Centre draws upon the socioeconomic wellspring of public transit to activate an iconic mixed-use mega-project in Shanghai.

World Trade Center II

World Trade Center II, Jakarta

Completed in 2012, WTC2 represents Jakarta's leading benchmark for world-class, high-tech, sustainable commercial office buildings.

Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre

Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre, Guangzhou

Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre is a mixed-use tower located adjacent to a large central park and a subterranean retail concourse with transportation interchanges.

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre, Tianjin

Located in the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area, Tianjin CTF Finance Centre features a mix of uses including office space, luxury serviced apartments, and a hotel.

Suzhou IFS

Suzhou IFS, Suzhou

A landmark on the city’s skyline in both form and function, the mixed-use high-rise is recognized as the Tallest Building in Suzhou.

Hanking Center Tower

Hanking Center Tower, Shenzhen

This project has won a 2019 CTBUH Award of Excellence and uses an offset central-core plan to merge public and private spaces and allows for programmatic flexibility.

China Resources Tower

China Resources Tower, Shenzhen

Winner of a 2019 Best Tall Building Award of Excellence, the design was inspired by the form of a bamboo shoot, which was realized through a diagrid structural system.


CITIC Tower, Beijing

Winner of a 2019 Best Tall Building Award of Excellence, this building is integrated into the city’s infrastructure, a hub within a network of pedestrian passages, subways and roadway

Hanking Center Tower

Hanking Center Tower, Shenzhen

Hanking Center Tower's pioneering offset core creates a dramatic, slender profile; the tower is the tallest offset-core building in the world.

About Jotun

Headquartered in Norway with global representation in over 100 countries, 64 companies, 40 production facilities and a 1000-plus strong network of coating advisors worldwide, Jotun is one of the world’s leading manufacturer and technical service provider of paints and coatings to protect and decorate property across the architectural, industrial and maritime shipping markets.

From unique color palettes for beautiful homes to the bold exteriors of the world’s iconic skyscrapers, our architectural capabilities include decorative paints, protective and powder coatings to withstand corrosion, fire, floor traffic, abrasion and the harshest chemicals. No matter the scope, size or complexity, Jotun is well positioned to be a paint and coating advisory partner with the best in the architectural, engineering and consulting industry at every stage of a project.

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John Brown

John Brown

CTBUH Annual Conference, Presenter, 2018
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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The CTBUH Awards recognize projects and individuals that have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of tall buildings and the urban environment, and that achieve sustainability at the highest and broadest level.


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Paints in Extreme Exposures: Long-Term Durability and Cost Savings Throughout Building Life Cycle

17 Oct 2016 – Cities to Megacities: Shaping Dense Vertical Urbanism
Huan Wu & Ashraf Wassef, The Jotun Group


Paints in Extreme Exposures: Long-Term Durability and Cost Savings Throughout Building Life Cycle
17 Oct 2016 – Cities to Megacities: Shaping Dense Vertical Urbanism; Huan Wu & Ashraf Wassef, The Jotun Group
A protective coating is applied as a long term anti-corrosion method in steel protection; it can save the operation costs of buildings across entire life cycles, if the period to next maintenance can be prolonged 15 years or more. In high-rise…

Jotun Tall Building Facts

150m+ Buildings 72 Completed9 Under Constr.
300m+ Buildings 38 Completed9 Under Constr.
Average Building Age 6 Years
Most Common Function mixed-use, 41 Buildings
Most Common Material Composite, 45 Buildings
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