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For 40 years, the company has a solid and stable management style, a long-term strategy of quality, a steady growth of competitiveness step by step, from high-quality building cooperation, to becoming an expert in large-scale communities, to building a sensational home market. The constant victory of the Yuanli organization from the land development, design planning, quality construction, community management, sustainable services, each ring, are betting a considerable amount of effort, the development of the ideal location, planning and design of plasticity, construction and environment The compatibility... one by one, and this is the gene that Yuanli institutions can successfully jump into the famous home market today.

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Jiansheng Tsai

Jiansheng Tsai

CTBUH Innovation Conference, Speaker, 2019
Taipei, China

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Award Winners & Award of Excellence Recipients

The CTBUH Awards recognize projects and individuals that have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of tall buildings and the urban environment, and that achieve sustainability at the highest and broadest level.

Award of Excellence

Best Tall Buildings 2019: Dominant Trends

Apr 2019 – CTBUH Journal 2019 Issue II


Best Tall Buildings 2019: Dominant Trends
Apr 2019 – CTBUH Journal 2019 Issue II; CTBUH
This year, CTBUH has vastly expanded its Awards program to consider the Best Tall Building category through several classes of height, rather than geographic regions, and seven new awards categories have been introduced, to recognize the specific…

Tall Buildings Involving YLC

1   One Park Taipei Tower 1 2018 140 m Taipei
2   One Park Taipei Tower 2 2018 126 m Taipei
3   Peace Palace - - Taipei
  Completed   Arch. Topped Out   Struct. Topped Out   Under Constr.